Tardeo Partying in Alicante: Saturday Afternoons in Teatre

We are the founders of the Tardeo. Why would we call ourselves Teatre Day & Night if not for that? Since the opening in 2010 our club has bet high for the afternoon sessions, and was the very first club in Alicante to open at weekends from 4 p.m.

Teatre Alicante, la cuna del Tardeo

Our Café Torero was born as a way to spend our after-lunch time with our mates, after a working week, having a good time for coffee and a drink, relaxed with friends. So, we have been betting for the Tardeo in Alicante in our club since 2010, with indie-pop sessions and special DJs. Some of our friends even played music as DJs, but always the music we liked and made us dance.

The Tardeo, a very established trend in Alicante, started in Teatre Day & Night some years ago, and has spread to other clubs in Alicante, bringing people from all the region to our club. We keep the same spirit and the same offer of fun and good atmosphere as ever.

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